"Born To Be" production
Making videos Worldwide
"Born To Be" production
Making videos Worldwide
Greetings, my name is Alexander Tikhomirov (IP), for the past 8 years I have been creating photo and video content. I mainly specialize in extreme lifestyle video from travel (viral), ART video (viral), and promotional videos for posting to instagram.
My resources and connections are enough to accomplish any task, the main thing is that it is interesting to both sides.
Company Services
Creation of the plot, script
The idea is already 50% of success or even more, creativity is our job
Creating style and image
The fine line between style and bad taste of what is happening is always clearly visible to us
Searching and selection of models, castings, selection of locations
We'll find everything you need to make a better video
Some of my work
Amazing video filmed in California, with the participation of Jay Alvarrez. The shooting was sponsored by the airline ticket company.
Non-profit video filmed during the holidays in Sri Lanka. For a small integration in which I received a free flight
Lifestyle video shot in Bali, the purpose of which was to advertise a start-up of watches with a button of happy moments, pressing that you can add happy moments on your clock face, 12 hours - 12 months. And see how many of them you got.
According to general estimates, the video gained at least 10,000,000 views.
Music video for Bob Sinclar. Model - Alyona Ponomarenko.
The video has collected tens of millions of views, and FAN ART a cutting from not included materials also gathered tens of millions of views here and here
SEX ART video, as one of the directions in my work.
Link for the original version 18+
Link for the similar video from me, shooted special for customer in Moscow City.

One of the last videos filmed for my brand "Born To Be"
Another one is here

More video examples you can find on my channels:
YouTube #1
YouTube #2