Return and exchange policy
Return and exchange policy
If the color or size of an item doesn't fit you and you want to change it to another, you should pay for delivery in both directions.

If an item has defects, we will return your money in the same way that you have paid in the amount of 25 to 100% of the value of the product. The exact cost will be determined after the examination on the photos and your comments.

If the product has tiny defects and you agree to continue using the product (or you are ready to correct the problem by yourself), we will discuss the amount of compensation for the defect. We will pay 25% to 50% off of the amount of an item as compensation.

In any case, our mission is to do everything possible to satisfy you. In any difficult situation, we will find the best solution that will suit both sides.
Don't hesitate to contact us in any manner. We will be glad to answer your questions and read your ideas.
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