Clothes filled with energy of adventures
Our Mission
Greetings, my name is Alexander Tikhomirov.
I created a brand of clothing that is characterized by laconicism, functionality, comfort, high quality of materials, and tailoring. These characteristics are a priority for me in creating unique clothes. The next most important criterion is the introduction to the brand of personal philosophy, which I call "Born To Be".
The priority for me is to create comfortable and high-quality clothes for all times. Clothes which won't go out of fashion and will be used for years!
Alexander Tikhomirov
CEO of Born To Be
Looking for products?
Sorry, we don't have full English version of the site, so please, is you want to order something, check our instagram and make order through the direct.

The best way to pay is PayPal, but for this option you have to pay 10% extra for commissions and rate exchange.

Delivery to all countries cost 27$,
doesn't matter if it is 1 t-shirt
or a lot of stuff

Thank you very much!